MRPA Important News Update 10.27.16

MRPA Important News update                   Oct. 27, 2016




  We did good!  There is a glimmer of hope.  They are questioning the issue and the process.    The Zoning committee held the decision to the call of the chair.  Senator Darling sent a letter to the Zoning committee and 2 additional letters questioning the cnty exec’s authority to do this and the other one stating the MMSD would not qualify for grants. However, the Zoning Committee will be having a closed-door meeting after reviewing public comments and conferring with the city atty. on November 1st  before the common council meeting.   Thank you to all who attended, spoke or sent emails.  It’s working!


Now  Email the Common Council


Ashanti Hamilton:                          Chantia Lewis: Cavalier Johnson:         Michael J. Murphy: Nik Kovac:                                         Mark A. Borkowski: Robert Bauman:                          José G. Pérez: Jim Bohl:                                                Terry L. Witkowski: Milele A. Coggs:                             Tony Zielinski: Khalif J. Rainey:                   Russell W. Stamper, II: Robert G. Donovan:   Tell them NOT to approve item 160339, the rezoning of the parkland.  It is a blatant misuse of power by Cnty Exec. Abele. They need to ask themselves, “Why should the City of Milwaukee and the MMSD take on the legal liabilities already associated with this parcel of land?”  The Milwaukee River and Parkland are not yours to rezone, sell and destroy.  Central city communities around Lincoln Park are counting on you to do the right thing and VOTE NO on item 160339 the rezoning of public park land. Listen to the County Supervisors and let the county Repair the Dam! Check out the latest Facebook ad – MKE CNTY TAXPAYERS – DON’T BE MADE A $50 MILLION DAM FOOL!   Don’t let this happen…because Milwaukee County Executive Abele & Mayor Barrett Are Penny Wise & Dam Dumbillegally defying 3 repair orders and selling off public  parkland for $1.00 to avoid long neglected maintenance cost, by destroying it. EVERYONE LOSES: #1. Warning – Downtown Mke River and Harbor –  Tons of damaging debris and huge floating Treeburg’s coming your way. #2. Taxpayers Lose – $35 Million in wasted new lake & river clean-up around Blatz Pavilion – and  $12-20 million in taxpayer lawsuit liabilities from property remediation and value losses…    PLUS loss & destruction of our only county public recreational lake and upstream river navigation. READ THE SHOCKING TRUTH & HOW TO STOP IT – Dam Dirty Lies          Send this Post out to as many people as you can; share it on Facebook or by email


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