MRPA News Update                                Dec. 03, 2016

Will River Channel Overgrowth Cause Enhanced Flood Risk for Glendale & Milwaukee Residents?

Back in 2008, we told “them” this would happen if the Estabrook Dam was removed. And with just the gates open, it has begun!
The exposed riverbed caused by the lower water levels is growing over with trees and vegetative growth thereby narrowing the river channel and decreasing water conveyance.   With the Estabrook Dam gates being open, and water levels significantly reduced, a substantial portion of the riverbed in the main channel of the Milwaukee River at the north entrance into Lincoln Park has been exposed and has quickly become grown over with trees and thick vegetation reducing the open channel water flow area by approximately two thirds.
Also, the Milwaukee River has now been rerouted and the main channel into Lincoln Park has been severely blocked by growth and sediment deposition, forming a new island.  Instead of flowing straight into Lincoln Park, the river is forced to make a sharp right turn.


FLOOD ZONE MANGEMENT REGULATORY REQUIRMENTS DOES NOT PERMIT ACTIVITIES WHICH WOULD INCREASE THE 1% ANNUAL FLOOD STAGE.   These rules/requirements are in place, first and foremost, to ‘Protect life, health and property’.

Upcoming event:
The State of Our Rivers – What’s Next for Lincoln Park? Presented by Friends of Lincoln Park, Tuesday, December 6th, 6:30 pm, Lincoln Park Pavilion, 1301 W Hampton Ave.

Please keep in mind this is NOT a forum for a debate about the dam.  It is an opportunity for us to come together as neighbors and communities that are affected by what happens to the river, the impoundment and Lincoln Creek who share common concerns. 
The meeting will be moderated by Deidre Peroff, Wisconsin Sea Grant / UWM School of Freshwater Sciences to move the meeting along so as to provide amble time for community feedback.
Friends of Lincoln Park’s decision to host this forum was driven partly by neighborhood concerns about the pollution and neglect of Lincoln Creek. After the presentations, the moderator will ask people to share all sorts of diverse concerns that address water quality and recreation.  Issues that will arise from removal of the dam are fair points that deserve hearing.  The moderator wants to have a system in which statements can be recorded.

Presentation Panel includes:

  • Milwaukee River Revitalization Foundation (Greenway Update)
  • Milwaukee Riverkeeper (Reporting on the River Scorecard)
  • 16th St Community Health Center (Sharing their KK River project)
  • Clean Wisconsin – (Reporting on community initiatives)
  • NWSCDC (On 30th St and Lincoln Creek Greenway efforts)

We need as many of our members and concerned citizens to attend to express their concerns about the accumulated debris and increased flood risk with the overgrowth which is blocking and changing the flow of the river, creating new islands and collecting sediment, the loss of recreational uses and shoreline remediation.

Hope to see you there!

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