About Us

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to preserve the section of Milwaukee River between Estabrook Park and Kletzsch Park.  We seek to maintain flood control capabilities, improve water quality, and provide recreational and navigational opportunities, safety, and biodiversity while maintaining the natural and historic water elevation.


Vision Statement:

Formed in 2008, the Milwaukee River Preservation Association is a collaborative group of energetic people who emphatically support restoring and preserving this lake environment, while maintaining the natural historic water elevation over the reach of Milwaukee River between Estabrook Park and Kletzsch Park.  We are committed to improving environmental, safety, and recreational conditions in the area while preserving integral elements of historic and aesthetic significance of the area.  We strive to preserve property rights of landowners and riparian rights of all who wish to use the river.  Proper operation of the Estabrook Dam is essential to maintaining the historic water elevation.


Because this reach of the river has been modified for flood control in the 1930’s, the waterway can never be restored to ts former condition.  We shall strive to emulate an environment that closely parallels the most favorable conditions prior to channelization of the river and dam construction, while maintaining the safety and benefits provided by the flood control project.


In addition to the geographic area of our focus, this group is committed to improving conditions of the watershed, the water which flows into this area and downstream from this area, including the reduction of pollutants carried by the water.


Through community involvement, we plan to revive one of Milwaukee County’s favorite and last remaining inland lake waterfront destinations for recreation.  We look for involvement in watershed planning, water monitoring, and dam operation protocol for safer and more beneficial outcomes for the community, wildlife, and all who us the river.  We encourage and seek state and federal funds, as well as donations, to financially support these improvements.



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