What are the costs of Estabrook Dam Removal?


  • The Estabrook Dam EIS does not address any costs associated with draining the lake such as repairing the shoreline, infrastructure costs to the City, dredging, flood impacts, toxic or drop in real estate value caused by removing the attraction of a navigable lake.
  • More than 90% of the cost for most urban dam removal projects is spent on restoration of the former impoundments. Demolition and removal costs of urban dams, is a very small part urban dam removal projects.  (At the former Woolen Mills Dam on the Milwaukee River in West Bend (removed in 1988;   http://www.penobscotriver.org/assets/Dam_Research_FullReport.pdf], page 58), the removal cost was estimated at $82,000, but an additional $2.3 million was eventually spend on restoration costs (including “engineering design, grading, seeding, channel work, fisheries improvements, construction of a new bridge, and development of a park over 61 acres of the former impoundment”). The repair cost had been estimated at $3.3 million or 40 X the cost for removal.)

o   MRPA is involved in a law suit requesting $20 million to restore shorelines on private property

o   Loss of property value could be nearly $18 million according to a group of real-estate agents doing business in Glendale

o   If NR720 standards are enforced, cleanup costs could exceed the $43 million already spent on the Phase I, Phase II and Blatz cleanups at Lincoln Park.

o   City Administrator, Dick Maslowski sent an email in April of 2009, stating the infrastructure cost to the City of Glendale would be $800K.  With inflation, that cost is well over a million dollars now.

o   Over the last 6 years, FEMA flood insurance costs and the uncertainty of the dam has made home prices and sales along the river suffer.  They have not kept pace with other areas.  For some, the flood insurance is like a second mortgage.  NR720 concerns, FEMA flood concerns or other dam related issues could blight the shoreline in Glendale and blighted areas often affect entire neighborhoods, including homes that are not on the river.

The financial impact of removing Estabrook Dam could be between $30 and

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